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Scott & Toni Pridemore

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All cost below are for a family of four. Two Adults, two children under 18.
All Guest MUST  registrar at Office.

Site Type
 Primitive W/E 
Full Hookup W/E/S
$35 / $40
$450 + E
Winter Sites
$450 + E
Daily Guest
Overnight Guest

We also have several rental units which we rent by the night, week, month, or season. CALL for rates and availability.

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Our winter sites require heated water hose and a heat tape for the water supply. Reserve one now for the fall hunting season.
Phone: 814-226-9850--------Email Us Here
We are now taking reservations for 2019 seasonal sites. Our season is April 1st through October 31st

We Accept
we accept Visa, MasterCard, Am Ex, and Discover credit cards3
Credit or Debit

Campground Rules

1. All campers must register at the office upon arrival. All guests of campers must register at the office.
2. One vehicle and one camping unit only per site. Do not park your vehicle on any other site except your own.
3. If you have an overnight guest, they must be registered at the office. no additional campers or tents are permitted on your site. all additional vehicles must be      parked on your site or in designated parking areas. ALL day guests must leave the campground by 10pm
4. Check out time is 1pm
5. Management reserves the right to:
a. Refuse the admittance and accommodation to anyone without stating cause or reason
b. Decline to allow any space to be occupied
c. Refuse to accept further rent
6. Management reserves the right to eject without notice any objectable person or persons who cause a disturbance or become a nuisance
7. Disturbing noise is prohibited at any time. Quiet hours are between 11pm and 8am
8. Drunkenness, use of profanity, loud or boisterous talk or immoral conduct will not be tolerated.
Alcoholic beverages are permitted at campsite only and kept under control. Can Cozies must be used and are available in our camp store. Individuals under 21 years of age are not permitted to have alcohol in the campground. Anyone under the influence and causing a disturbance (loud foul language, acting foolishly, ect.) will be evicted from the campground. No alcoholic beverages at kid activities, NO EXCEPTIONS.
9. Anyone destroying property of the campground intentionally will be charged for the cost of repairs and labor
10. Please help us keep the campground clean and neat; put trash in dumpster located at the front of the park next to the pavilion
11. Speed limit is 5mph. Autos, golf carts bicycles ect must obey. PLEASE WATCH FOR CHILDREN
12. No motorized or battery operated motor bikes, scooters, or off road vehicles allowed in campground with the exception of golf carts
13. Moving or re arranging of tables and fire rings on sites is prohibited
14. Firearms are only permitted in the campground during hunting season and must be kept under lock and key, may not be loaded while in the campground
15. Pets must be under control and on a leash at all times. Barking dogs and nuisance breeds are NOT permitted. Please clean up after your pet. Pet disposal bags are available thoughout the park
16. Management is not responsible for vandalism, damage, injury, or loss by accident, theft, act of nature or fire, to either property or person of any tenant ot guest.
all new decks, sheds, storage boxes, tents and canopies must be approved by management. Enclosed decks are not permitted. Only a deck with at least two open sides will be permitted. No permanent structures are to be erected. Existing structures will be grand fathered in, however must be removed when camper is moved.
17. Seasonal campers must maintain their own lots by mowing, trimming and necessary landscaping. If lot is not mowed and maintained, we will maintain it ourselves and charges will apply. All campers must be washed as needed, at least once per season. A pressure washer is available for  rental.
18. All lots have limited space. Keep lots clutter free and passable for safety reasons
19. Anyone selling their camper on an existing site must have management's pre approval before new owners can leave camper on the site
20. Anyone undermining the operation of the campground by stirring up issues or causing problems with other campers will be subject to immediate eviction
21. Management reserves the right to evict persons for non compliance with the above rules.

2, check out time is
Home--Attractions--Activities--Rates--Photos--Directions--Contact Us

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